1. Children are our hope for the future.

  2. There is something of beauty in every person waiting to be developed.

  3. The timeless virtues of honesty, integrity, respect, and responsibility are to be valued.

  4. Education is the key to life improvement.

  5. Environment is a resource to be cherished, respected, and conserved.

  6. Art and beauty provide a feast for the soul, and should therefore be encouraged.

Colina Foundation
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The Colina Foundation is a small family foundation dedicated to helping improve the lives of children. Because we are small and privately funded, we are able to have more impact if we concentrate our funding to a limited geographic area. Therefore, our granting is primarily in areas where trustees live (Mattawan, Michigan and Fort Collins, Colorado) and where the foundation originated-Southwestern Wayne County, Michigan. We welcome you to our web site and invite you to explore ways we can work together to ensure a more healthful, educated future for our young people.

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